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The Brand


Ice Creams with Health Benefits

Forty years ago, a man visioned making a quality product, which he wished to be delicious, vegetarian, and light on the pockets of its consumers. And with this foresight and blessings of Lord Krishna, “Gopal’s 56” was born. Late Shri. Dinesh Goyal Ji started making ice cream with a wooden manual ice cream maker. His determination, perseverance, and consistency in hard work made Gopal’56 a brand in itself.

We are known for our pure vegetarian and oil-free ice creams in different flavors, including ashwagandha, tulsi, curcumin, Brahmi, etc., which connect our customers spiritually to the brand. Starting with a single manual ice cream maker to our stores in different parts of the country, we have come a long way.





Mission & Vision

Our vision is the preservation and further strengthening of our leading position in the local market and a substantial presence abroad while always maintaining respect for the consumers, our people and the quality of our products.

We seek to create and promote great-tasting, healthy, organic ice creams. We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we use to craft our recipes, with sustainability and great taste for all.

Ice Cream and Cones
The Founder


Shri Dinesh Goyal Ji

Shri Dinesh Goyal Ji had a struggling childhood but was determined to do extensive in life to have a great fortune for his future generations. Whether selling balloons during school days or starting a paan shop or juice shop, Dinesh Ji was never deterred from his situation. In 1983, when he came across the wooden manual ice cream maker, the idea of making it himself got into his mind, and there was when GOPAL’S 56 was born with the blessings of Shri Krishna. With the determination and perseverance accompanied by his inbuilt passion for growing his business, he kept on improvising. He soon bought a Homozonien ice cream maker, after which there was no looking back. He kept adding to the flavors and continued that all the ice creams made by Dinesh Ji were vegetarian.

The Managing Director


Shri Gaurav Goyal Ji

New generations, new ideas, and new opportunities this has always contributed to any business and joining Dr. Gaurav Goyal in Gopal’s 56 has proved the same for his company. After completing his education with an honorary doctorate in Business Management, he was into the business of expanding Gopal’s 56 with his father in 2001. He started his journey with a vision of taking Gopal’s  56 to the international platform and the heart of a philanthropist.

After the irreplaceable loss of his father and founder of the company, Shri Dinesh Goyal Ji, he took over as the CEO of Gopal’s 56 in 2006. As a health-concerned human, he was moving ahead to make the ice creams of Gopal’s 56, a nutritious option available in the market.

With his innovative approach, he has successfully served vegan and oil-free ice creams to his customers. He has not limited his brand only to satisfy the sweet tooth of people; instead, he has expanded his brand with a diverse menu of food and beverages. His passion for his work can be seen by the way Gopal’s 56 makes its products under the supervision of dietary experts, and all the ingredients used are pure and fresh. Under his guidance and leadership, Gopal’s 56 has reached the bureaucratic section of our country and worldwide.

His leadership took Gopal’s 56 to the show Shark Tank, where his ask has been the highest in the history of Shark tank ever, which was 300 Crore. His company was valued at $70 billion and is growing further without looking back. Connected with various organizations and Rootskills as an environmentalist, he always contributes to providing information and awareness regarding environmental sustainability.


As a brand, he has achieved in having a chain of ice cream parlors and is continuing to do so. As a brand, he believes in expanding his business where there is no limitation in reaching people. He had the foresight to make his ice creams with the qualities of brain booster, immunity booster, and many more. With these visions and determination, his journey is in continuation.

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