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Gaurav Goyal’s Quest To Make Delhi Fall In Love With Ice Creams With Gopal’s 56

Started by an aspiring couple in the 1980s, Gopal’s 56 is one of the most acknowledged ice-cream brands in Delhi NCR. Gaurav Goyal joined Gopal’s 56 founded by his father Late Mr. Dinesh Chand Goyal in the year 2001 and contributed to its transformation from a small ice cream manufacturing company to a diversified food & beverage company. Gopal’s 56 has set out an example by making the best possible 100% vegetarian and oil-free ice cream.

As the legacy follows, Gaurav ensures to personally test every single batch of ice cream that comes out of the factory. Named after the legendary 56 Bhog Prasadam served to Lord Krishna, Gopal’s 56 is committed to offering original and the creamiest ice cream and shake varieties to their patrons.

In Conversation With Gaurav Goyal Of Gopal’s 56

Gopal’s 56 aims to create healthy and organic ice creams. It strives to grow the business with honesty and integrity to craft the recipes, with sustainability and great taste for all. In an exclusive interview with The Restaurant Times, Gaurav Goyal talks about the story behind the brand since its inception 38 years ago, the everyday challenges that he has been facing, and a lot more.

The Brand Name Should Always Reflect The Brand Image

According to Goyal, zeroing on a name for a brand holds a very prominent role in preparing the brand’s identity and image. A restaurant name has the power to increase and enhance the business while driving consumer traffic. When the right name is used, it magnifies every part of the brand. So it is important to pick the correct name for the restaurant, the one that accurately describes the food, service, and atmosphere wins the show and sets them apart from the competition.

‘Gopal is a metaphor for Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is known for 56 Bhog. The backstory that gave birth to our brand is Lord Krishna’s love for butter, the entire brand is vegan following the world trend we focus a lot on a healthy diet. We have 56 types of natural shakes and ice cream flavours, use of herbs is very prominent as these work as oil suckers. The idea is to make customers understand the story of the brand and also the kind of food we serve’, says Goyal.

Importance Of Location

Choosing the ideal location for a restaurant is only the beginning. Many other aspects have to be taken care of to set up a super brand. But since a lot depends on the location, one cannot ignore it altogether. According to Goyal, one of the of the most prominent factors is how accessible a location is. When looking at a restaurant location, it is always essential to consider the amount or accessibility of nearby parking, ease of access by car, and surrounding traffic patterns. Understanding whether the location would bring out the kind of customers that the brand wants to serve is another vital thing. Traffic is important but not everything. The quality of the crowd is way more crucial.

Always keep the future possibilities and changes in your head before choosing a location. Maintaining future growth is very important. With success and growth comes more customers, more employees, more equipment, and more food to store. It is important to consider whether a location will be able to provide adequate seating, parking, and storage if and when a business grows’, says Goyal.

Every Day Challenges

Running a restaurant brand is not as easy as it seems. Between staffing problems, food safety concerns and keeping customers happy, there are always new challenges in this ever-changing restaurant space. According to Goyal, maintaining cash flow is very important for a restaurant brand. It is essential to make sure that one churns out the most from their menu. If you feel prices are too low or that you can get more from some of your products, increase the rate. Owners should plan to have at least enough money to maintain a proper flow of their brand. Restaurants should have enough financial resources to cope with unexpected costs and increases.

“Starting a restaurant business is easy, but prolonging it and making it work is the toughest thing.”

Ensuring Quality Of The Product

In the restaurant industry, there is a real need for restaurant owners and managers to connect with their food suppliers. According to Goyal, authorizing a stable working relationship is crucial, and a wrong partnership can damage a business so it should be handled with a lot of care.

Choosing a vendor is a tough job as in the course it can be tough to maintain the status of what is being sourced. Sourcing quality ingredients are essential and at a competitive price. Having a mutual understanding is critical here. Even if there is a long-term contract, one can’t expect to send an email with a request and have the vendor start servicing it within minutes of receipt.

Marketing Dynamics

For any kind of brand, a solid marketing strategy is critical to building a brand, attracting new customers and maintaining loyalty. According to Goyal, word of mouth is the best way through which one can promote a brand as it is one of the most credible forms of advertising.

Individuals who have been referred to a brand, rather than through an advertisement or marketing tactic, are typically more likely to stay loyal for longer than other customers. It is essential to enlist, equip and empower customers. It is always important to have conversations with the customers and listen to what they are saying to keep them engaged.

‘People always remember something different, and if they enjoy it, they spread it. This is the human tendency. It is still advisable to spend the right amount of time coming up with a way to stand out. You need to make customers remember a brand as a place that has something special’, says Goyal.

Gaurav concludes by speaking about his new venture where they are inviting entrepreneurs to work with them on two models that they have introduced – FOCO and COFO. The FOCO model is Franchise Owned and Company Operated while COFO is Company Owned Franchise Operated, wherein aspiring restaurateurs needing investment can be associated with them.

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